Dear Ones

Since May 30st 2014, Gabriel Sound Garage closed its doors.
What a fun ride this has been! Looking back, I am so thankful for all the friendships I've been blessed with, which will outlast the actual amps (not that they won't last if you keep replacing the tubes).
I wanted to take this time to truly THANK YOU for your support, friendship, business and mainly trusting me with building your tone machine.
I do hope that my amps left a mark in your musical life and beyond. I know they did in mine. It was pure bliss building each one of them personally and sending them off as kids to college hoping they'll perform. As for me, I am on to new ventures and chapters in my life as many of you know I cannot sit still.

Best of wishes, and thank you!

Garage Prices

Yes, we know these are not cheap amps. But ask around and you will soon find out that every penny is worth its value. There is a lot of work, fine components, detailed attention, testing, time and love invested in building one of these amps that makes so many owners happy.
Make sure that your money will get you one of the finest tube guitar amps available around. And that's not an exaggeration...

V18 Head (29 Lb packed)list: $1,990.00
V33 Headlist: $2,350.00
V18 LowCarb Headlist: $1,870.00
V18 Combo (1x12" Blue)list: $2,590.00
V18 Combo (2x12" Blue & Greenback RI)list: $2,680.00
V33 Combo (1x12" Gold)list: $2,820.00
V33 Combo (2x12" Blue & Greenback RI)list: $2,980.00
1x12" Greenback RIlist: $550.00
2x12" Greenback RI & Bluelist: $860.00
2x12" 1960 Style Slanted Greenback RI & Bluelist: $910.00
V18 Mercury Magnetics (OT only) Upgradeadd: $180.00
V33 Mercury Magnetics (OT Only) Upgradeadd: $200.00
Celestion Heritage G12M or G12H Upgradeadd: $130.00
Service fee per hour$40.00
Accessory shipped with every amp:
Power Cord Gain footswitch Gabriel Pick

Available color schemes:
Capuccino Scheme Bumblebee SchemeBlackburn Scheme  

Gabriel Sound Garage is now a CELESTION dealer!
Available speakers (exclusively Celestions):

The Celestion Heritage series speakers are available (G12M or G12H) as an upgrade to the Greenback reissue for $130.
AlNiCo Blue
AlNiCo Blue
Greenback RI
AlNiCo Blue
AlNiCo Gold

We do offer several upgrades for the Gabrèl amp line such as output transformer options, hi-grade cables and several types of speaker. They are:
1. Output transformer upgrade: Mercury Magnetics 2. High-Grade guitar cable upgrade: SolidCables.

Please contact us for the price update on the amps if any of the upgrades requested.

Mercury Magnetics Solid Cables

International Shipping:
For all global purchases, Gabriel Sound Garage is using exclusively BaxGlobal (or known as Schenker), for any Door-To-Door or Door-To-Airport services.
Depending on where the buyer is located, and the type of amp shipped, international shipping prices can be VERY accessible.

FedEx or UPS Ground unless otherwise specified by customer. Shipping price including insurance is FOB (Arlington Heights, IL 60005). The prices listed above do not include shipping costs. Shipping expenses will be calculated based on the weight of the item, shipping method and distance.
Roughly a V18 Head (30lb) shipped to any Continental US states costs roughly between $35-$55. The cabinets take more since they have oversize fees (roughly $50-$70). UPS FedEx

Every order requires a 50% deposit before we begin production. The remaining 50% (plus the shipment charge) is paid when the amp is ready to be shipped. Personal checks or Money Orders. International customers can pay with Wire Transfers. The amp's turnaround time (currently 10-12 weeks) is calculated from the date of first cashed down-payment.

Fully covered for life from the date of delivery, for every kind of repairs. Common, things can happen, fuses can blow.
Not included tolex cuts or rips, road cuffs, or damaged speakers, modifications, mishandling, etc.
Speakers and valves are covered for a period of 6 months from the date of delivery. They really are tough and you can log lengthy hours on them